Sage X3 Developer Programme

The Sage X3 Developer Programme lets you customise and integrate complementary software, hardware and services with Sage X3. 
The simple, flexible and functionally rich online ERP solution, Sage X3, enables you to take full control with a complete embedded development platform.

Why should I join the Sage X3 Developer Programme?

Joining the programme will give you all the tools you need to customise and integrate with Sage X3, and support in promoting your solutions. Support and resources you can receive include:

Not For Resale (NFR) software for developing, testing and demos to prospective customers
Technical support from our experts, so there’ll be help on hand whenever you need it
Get your products Sage Certified and gain powerful marketing leverage
A Software Development Kit (SDK) so you can develop on the well-established Sage X3 platform
Access to on-going training on best practice integration methodologies

Why should I become a Sage X3 Developer?

With a growing customer base of over 4,800 and a presence in 100 countries worldwide, Sage X3 is the most powerful business management solution within the Sage portfolio, helping numerous mid-market and enterprise businesses to grow both locally and internationally.

Placed in the “Champion” quadrant in both the mid-market ERP vendor landscape and enterprise vendor landscape by Info-Tech research; Sage X3 is a proven, capable and scalable business management solution, available at a fraction of the complexity and cost of typical and traditional enterprise ERP systems.

To find out more about the solution, visit the Sage X3 product page.

Choose your membership level

To recognise the different requirements of in-house and commercial Developers, we provide a programme with three options, so you can choose to work at a level that best fits your business needs:

Sage Certified Development Professional Programme

Provides individual Developers with on-going access to the training needed to customise and integrate with Sage X3 productively and efficiently.

Sage Development Care Plan

With Standard and Advanced options to choose from, our Sage Development Care Plans provide your organisation with access to Developer support resources including NFR (Not For Resale) software, SDK (Software Development Kit) and expert technical support from our team.

Sage Certified Solution Programme

Designed to give customers peace of mind when choosing Sage integrated third-party products; the Sage Certified Solution Programme enables Developers who build integrations to Sage X3, to have them tested and gain Sage Certified Solution status. We’ll also list them online and promote them to customers, Business Partners and our own sales teams.

Want to find out more about becoming a Sage X3 Developer?

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Interested in joining the Sage Developer Programme?

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