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Ecommerce growth: optimise your product photos for business success

Product photos are one of the most important features of an ecommerce website. Your customers can’t physically interact with your products so photos allow your customers to explore them in a way that can’t be achieved through a description alone. I recently spoke with several ecommerce managers who unanimously agreed that product photos are fundamental [...]

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Frederique Murphy

How the right mind-set can transform your business – an interview with Frederique Murphy

Sometimes we face obstacles in business that seem insurmountable. Whether it is starting a business or achieving a certain revenue target, business goals are challenging. Recently I spoke with Sage Business Expert and mind-set strategist Frederique Murphy of Mountain Moving Mindset. Frederique explained to me that with the right mind-set anything is possible. I had to [...]

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forecasting inventory

Business forecasting methods. Part 1 – Inventory Forecasting

Business forecasting is key to success and growth and is a key part of the business planning process. In this first part of a two part series, Sage Business Expert David Hardstaff gives his advice on how to approach inventory forecasting. In part two David will discuss cash flow forecasting. For many businesses selling physical goods, [...]

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How to build your personal brand

How to build your personal brand online

Do you have a personal brand? Is it something you have even considered? Sometimes your personal brand can be just as important as your company brand. Sage Business Expert and Career Coach Greg Fry explains how you can leverage your personal brand online to make meaningful connections. People do business with people. When I go to a networking event [...]

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