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Sage Ireland advises businesses on last minute preparation for e-Day

16th September 2014: Sage Ireland has today published five short tips for businesses in order to prepare for e-Day which is this Friday, September 19th. From this date, government, its departments and agencies will no longer issue cheques to or accept cheques from businesses. “From a business perspective this will impact on payments to government [...]

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Simon Bell

SEPA is here – 6 things you should know as a business

August 1st 2014 marked the passing of the final (and extended) deadline for the implementation of SEPA across the Eurozone countries. Despite some challenges with regards to adoption rates, leading to the extension of the compliance deadline from February 1st 2014 to various dates up to August 1st 2014 across different Eurozone jurisdictions, it should [...]

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Ecommerce growth: optimise your product photos for business success

Product photos are one of the most important features of an ecommerce website. Your customers can’t physically interact with your products so photos allow your customers to explore them in a way that can’t be achieved through a description alone. I recently spoke with several ecommerce managers who unanimously agreed that product photos are fundamental [...]

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