Content Marketing: Who is Doing It Well & Where Does The Opportunity Lie?

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Content Marketing: Who Is Doing It Well & Where Does The Opportunity Lie?

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By Siobhan McGinty, Content Marketer at Wolfgang Digital

As a content marketer with Dublin-based award-winning search and content marketing agency, Wolfgang Digital, I spend my days both reading great blogs and writing even better ones for businesses all around Ireland.

Many businesses in Ireland have realised that, in order to avoid loss of ranking positions on Google search, they need to start creating good content – and for many, that means blogging. Lots of businesses are doing a great job, but I am sorry to say it is a task in itself to pinpoint businesses doing a near-perfect job.

There are some businesses in Ireland doing a great job. In this post, I will pinpoint two businesses who are doing exceptionally well in terms of creating great content. I will also highlight an opportunity for Irish businesses, particularly those in the retail industry.

Content Marketing in Ireland: Two Great Examples


SpiderworkingSpiderworking is a small Irish consultancy company specialising in providing social media advice for small businesses.

The Spiderworking website is under development at the moment. Despite this, owner Amanda Webb has been dedicated to maintaining a frequently updated blog. Not only is the Spiderworking blog updated regularly, it is also an incredibly useful resource. It is one of my first ports of call every day. I actively share her content as I truly believe it benefits our own social media followers.

Amanda has really mastered the art of creating useful and relevant content on the head. Her content is engaging, very easy to read, and she makes good use of visuals – whether it is in the form of videos, simple images or infographics. This means her content is very shareable. She communicates great personality in her posts; her content oozes passion for and experience in social media, as well as a refreshing honesty (just check out her post on ways to visualise your Google Analytics stats). I have never met Amanda in person, but already I feel like I know her and trust her.

I am really looking forward to the launch of the new Spiderworking website and I truly believe the content on the Spiderworking blog will be instrumental in carrying Amanda in the direction of success…and of course to the top of Google search!

Chill Insurance

Chill InsuranceChill Insurance, as I am sure you all know, is an Irish-owned insurance intermediary. PPC costs for companies in the insurance industry are historically some of the most expensive. Therefore, in order to both complement and supplement their PPC endeavours, blogging should be a priority for every insurance company.

Chill Insurance maintains a great blog which is frequently updated (up to five times per week). They publish well-written content, which is both relevant and useful. Chill also have the Google Authorship associated with each post (a must for every content marketing strategy), as well as a writer bio. They also do a great job of recycling content.

With further optimisation of their meta data and inclusion of keywords and key phrases, the Chill Insurance blog could get really good Google rankings for related keyword searches. Further content sharing and community building will also help their posts reach a wider audience.

Content Marketing in Retail: A Golden Opportunity

We believe that there exists a golden opportunity in the retail sector to create some very effective content marketing strategies.

Before Christmas, we wrote a blog post about how Irish retailers need to make their presence known. We backed up our argument with the following stats:

  • 8 in 10 Irish adults are using the internet on a daily basis
  • They are spending more time and money online than their European counterparts


The reason for this is simple. Irish businesses do not have the web presence their global competitors have.

We have dealt with some great Irish retailers who get frustrated with not being the choice of the Irish consumer.

The reason for this is twofold:

1. They are just not being found on the internet…

  • 74% of consumers frequently research companies online
  • Over 60% of consumers research online before making a purchase

Essentially, this means that Irish businesses just cannot afford to NOT be appearing in Google search.

2. They are just not making an impact…

Those Irish retail companies which stand out, stand out for a reason. More often than not, it is because they have developed a personality, and more importantly, they are engaging with their customer base, through social media or a company blog for example.

There is no easy way of saying this but if you are an Irish business that – so far – has not begun creating regular and useful content, engaging in best practice blogging, and complementing that by having a strong presence on social media, you are going to get lost. The Internet has levelled the playing field between Ireland and the World. We are competing with big fish now – and it’s time to show them what Irish retailers are capable of. Jump on the content marketing bandwagon today and make your presence known!

Siobhan McgintyAbout Siobhan McGinty
Siobhan McGinty is a Content Marketer with Wolfgang Digital. She works with a broad range of content clients within industries such as retail, travel and business. Siobhan studied Commerce in NUI Galway before pursuing a Masters in Marketing and graduating in 2010.She is very passionate about storytelling and devising unique content strategies.You can connect with Siobhan online on LinkedIn or keep up with her posts on the Wolfgang Digital blog.

Posted in: Marketing, Small Businesses, Social Media
8 comment


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  • jiakaka

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  • Louis Grenier

    Great article Siobhan,

    Glad to see someone who’s sharing the same view about content marketing.

    The first issue that companies are facing when it comes to considering content marketing as part of their strategy is: how to create remarkable content?

    And the greatest mistake they are making is to focus solely on their own products and services, rather than creating content around their customers.

    Keep up the good work 😉

    Louis Grenier,
    Head of Digital Marketing for

    • Siobhán McGinty

      I agree Louis! As I keep saying, content should be solution-based rather than content focused.

      Glad you liked the piece.

      Siobhán McGinty
      Content Marketer
      Wolfgang Digital

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  • Ben Cotton

    Hi Siobhan,

    Thanks for mentioning Chill Insurance – we really appreciate it.

    Our blog really has been a fantastic way for us to earn people’s attention, drive website traffic and generate leads. And as you point out there’s lots of search benefits too.

    We often hear that “Content is King”, but ensuring there’s a fresh supply of unique and engaging content is not easy. We’ve overcome this challenge by fostering a culture of content, creating a strategic content calendar, as well as introducing employee blog guidelines – and I’m pleased to say we now have a team of 15 experts who regularly blog for us.

    The blog is delivering real business benefits and we’re delighted to see just how much it has developed over the last 12 months, but it’s important to point out that it’s just one strand of our online marketing strategy.


    Ben Cotton
    Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager
    Chill Insurance

    • Siobhán McGinty

      Hi Ben,

      I am only seeing your comment now.

      You are more than welcome for the mention – you are doing a fantastic job.

      And of course, content is just one part of an online marketing strategy. It can be a great complement to other aspects – especially PPC.

      Keep up the great work!

      Siobhán McGinty
      Content Marketer
      Wolfgang Digital

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