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How To Run Your Business From An iPad

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By Beatrice Whelan, Social Media and Content Specialist at Sage Ireland

Sage CRM for TabletsNow here’s a big statement: you can run your entire business from your iPad.  It’s true! And I don’t just mean a light and nimble small business with streamlined operations. Thanks to the wonders of cloud software, and some clever thinking from Sage, you can run ventures of all shapes and sizes – even big business – from the comfort of your own iPad.

It’s all possible because cloud technology literally lightens your load. The action happens in the cloud, not on your overworked server. Your information gets stored in a safe place where space never runs out, hardware never becomes dated or erodes and there are no breakdowns or viruses. The only capability you need is good cloud based software with a simple user interface.

That’s all very well, you’re probably thinking, but real business can be real complex. It’s not just wheeling and dealing – or even good old-fashioned production. It practically takes a business to run a business. There’s communications, accounts, project management, staff issues, CRM and so much more. Would you be surprised to know that it’s all in the cloud and all accessible from the iPad?

For email there is Gmail with unlimited storage and which can be configured to send from your business email address but if that’s not for you iOS 4.2 on iPad supports multiple Exchange ActiveSync accounts and works with Exchange Server 2010. Need to make a presentation? With the Keynote app, you can create and deliver professional presentations on your iPad. With iOS 4.2 on the iPad, users can print directly to a printer on a wireless network using the Print Center application.

But there is more to business than email, presentations and printing. Sage already know what it takes to help you run a business. We’ve been doing it for decades. Only now, we’ve taken our best products and re-imagined them so they work even better in the cloud. Sage One Payroll and Accounts,  are cloud enabled so you can add data, manage information, communicate and work in real-time wherever and whenever – and you can use these hugely powerful programs from your cute and light iPad. Sage CRM Cloud is coming in January 2012 for the iPad and other tablet devices and will be available to download from the Sage CRM Ecosystem in early January.

For accounts there is Sage One Accounts and Sage One Cashbook both of which are optimised for the iPad. For managing Payroll there is the recently launched Sage One Payroll, also in the cloud. Sage PeopleLink is a  cloud based offering that allows your employees to view their payslips online, request holidays and more and whereby  you as a manager can manage absences, approve holidays and more.  So you see there is a lot more available in the cloud and accessible from your iPad that you might have thought.

If you think that the iPad wasn’t meant as a serious business tool, think again. How many business meetings have you been at lately where the most organised person is the one that arrives with the iPad. Is the day of the desktop over? No, but we now have options, choice, freedom. Remember Cloud software works just as well on your desktop as standard software so you don’t have to use it on the iPad but when you want to it’s there for you. Think about it. It’s like being cut free from the office, isn’t it? What will you do with your freedom? Will it enable you to have a better work life balance? Does it enable a mobile workforce? Does it allow you to be more responsive and agile in your business?

So the statement stands. You can run a business from your iPad – a real, complex, live one with multiple locations, teams and projects. You can do the front office stuff and the back end graft – from the palm of your hand. Just try it. Your working life is changing. Embrace your freedom.

Posted in: Business Solutions, Innovation, Mobile, Technology, The Cloud, The Future
1 comment


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  • JFK65

    What about running Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll on my iPad?  And what about integrating it with Outlook to allow me to send email directly from Sage 50 Accounts on my iPad?   You mention Gmail and Exchange in your article,  but do these fully integrate with Sage while working ‘In the cloud’.  In the end of the day are you actually saying that the only accounts package that will work on my iPad is your new Sage One product.  Isn’t Sage 50 your biggest seller?  To be honest I think the article is all just hype.  I have found a hosting company who are able to give me access to my Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll, and to integrate it fully with Outlook and Excel and all accessed through my iPad.