Flexible modules for Sage 200 Extra

Choose from a range of optional modules for Sage 200 Extra, from Sales, Marketing and Service modules to Manufacturing and Project Accounting. Choose the options that would be most relevant to your business and experience greater flexibility and control.

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The Financials module is the core financial management and accounting module that comes as standard with Sage 200 Extra.

It allows you to see the financial position of your company at any point in time and runs four key ledgers: sales, purchasing, nominal and cashbook.

  • Web enabled, interactive dashboards and detailed reports for sales, purchases and  financial summary, helping you plan and forecast
  • Open and closed period accounting that’s flexible for your needs
  • Flexible nominal code structure for in depth analysis and reporting
  • Batch data upload; place transactions on hold for authorisation before committing them to the Nominal Ledger
  • Choose VAT inclusive or exclusive prices
  • Save time with automated statements, standing orders and direct debits
  • With Services Extra, you can also seamlessly automate reconciliation of your bank transactions
  • Advanced multi-currency options, including exchange rate changes
  • Understand the impact to your cash flow as your business changes and pay invoices straight from the software with Sage Pay EInvoicing
  • Store unlimited customer and supplier contact details
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Business Intelligence
The  Business Intelligence module is the complete business analysis tool that comes as standard with Sage 200 Extra.

It enables you to mine your data across every aspect of your business. You can identify customer and product trends and measure performance against difference benchmarks.

  • Use powerful analytical tools to slice and dice data quickly and easily and inform your decision making
  • Build your own tailored reports and bring data to life using charts and graphs
  • Share business data widely across your organisation
  • Explore scenarios to see the effectiveness of investments or changes
  • Create personalised dashboards and automated reports
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CRM: Sales, Marketing and Service (optional)

You can choose Sales & Marketing or Service modules for Sage 200 Extra, or both for fully integrated CRM: whatever meets your business’ needs.

Our flexible range of options are affordable, easy to use, highly adaptable, and deliver the insight you need to run and grow your business. What’s more, you’ll receive one free user for whichever option you choose.

  • Gain reliable insight so you can evaluate where your business stands and make faster, better decisions you can be confident about
  • Deliver an exceptional customer experience to improve customer retention and drive revenue growth
  • Collaborate effectively across teams to avoid duplication of work, empowering your teams to work faster and smarter. With a single solution everyone becomes more productive and efficient
  • Sell smarter and accelerate sales team performance by providing access to the information your sales team needs, whenever they need it
  • Market more effectively by providing the tools to create targeted campaigns based on accurate customer information, delivering a better return on your marketing spend

Want to experience the power of integrated CRM? Take a test drive today and explore how Sage is helping businesses everyday by delivering business insights that matter to you.

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Commercials (optional)
The Commercials module is an optional module with Sage 200 Extra that makes responding to product demands quick, accurate and fully automated.

Manage every element of your supply chain - from stock management, purchase order processing and stock order processing.

  • See the full story of an order, from initial point of contact to order fulfilment
  • Source goods worldwide and record purchases in up to 100 currencies
  • Apply automated authorisation limits and alerts, authorise orders remotely and keep track of any amends or order issues, such as incorrect deliveries.
  • Compile order lists for all your office locations based on purchase orders so you know what stock to order and when
  • Calculate a running total when you’re matching invoice line items to orders
  • Record disputes giving you a full audit trail within the system
  • Get the best deals from suppliers by recording details of price history, price history and lead time
  • Track your stock, identify inactive items and count your most valuable items
  • Manage discounts, promotions and margins so authorised staff can negotiate on prices
  • Control stock items by serial or batch number, include criteria like ‘sell-by’ and ‘use-by’ dates
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Project Accounting (optional)

Project Accounting is an optional module with Sage 200 Extra and helps improve customer satisfaction with accurate bills delivered by capturing and allocating projects costs, overheads and revenues.

  • Ideal for service based industries such as agencies and consultants that 'sell time'
  • Get a single view of all projects and track their progress
  • Allow project managers to raise and authorise purchase orders
  • Add an unlimited number of additional fields and define their function
  • Personalised workspaces for each user to help to get the right information to the right people
  • Integrated with accounts, sales and purchase order processing, and payroll
  • Submit and authorise timesheets and expenses online anytime, anywhere
  • Flexible billing schedules that can differ by project and by customer
  • Post costs to the associated nominal codes and show costs as finalised alongside revenues posted to the P&L with a new Work In Progress capability
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Bill of Materials (optional)
The Bill of Materials module is an optional module with Sage 200 Extra and allows you to monitor, control and cost your manufacturing processes.

It’s ideal for businesses involved in light manufacturing assembly, helping to simplify complex processes and analysis:

  • Store and use multiple versions of a Bill of Materials, including full version control and audit trail capability
  • Track costs over time
  • Use different options for set sub-assembly builds, builds from stock or a combination with multiple units of measure
  • Maintain control of stock and goods
  • Get accurate costs for each unit or build run
  • Receive full batch and serial number traceability
  • Specify structures for different sub-assemblies and components using lists, including ability to specify raw materials, components and processes for that Bill of Materials
  • Use in a range of different applications: apply materials, labour, machine, tooling, sub-contract and piece work costs
  • Easily estimate production capabilities, using the trial kitting tool to check whether you have sufficient stock to build the Bill of Materials required
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Manufacturing (optional)
The Manufacturing module is an optional module with Sage 200 Extra that covers the entire manufacturing process.

It covers the planning, order processing, materials and stock management.

  • Standardise and streamline production scheduling so you can coordinate your distribution channels and get automated reports
  • Support assembly, repackaging of bulk items, resource planning, and scheduling work and materials
  • Reduce costs and delivery times, helping you improve productivity by monitoring production processes and tracking components through the whole manufacturing cycle
  • Built in scheduling solution that will help you assess potential production issues and produce flexible schedules
  • Accurate resource planning to help identify potential areas for savings and reduce the cost of production
  • Share manufacturing data across the whole of your business so employees have access to accurate, timely information
  • Keep up to date with the latest regulatory requirements by monitoring quality standards in line with regulations such as ISO
  • Trace serial numbers and batches back to suppliers and key components
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Excel reporting tool
The Excel reporting tool provides detailed analysis across your business.

The standard Excel reports include nominal, customer, supplier and stock.

  • Add your own data to workbooks along with charts and formulas
  • Get in-depth analysis on specific business functions such as financials or stock levels
  • Pivot and analyse data in more detail
  • Workbooks can easily be uploaded and you can run them time and time again with refreshed data
  • If you require more in depth analysis on a particular business function, we offer additional Excel reports at an extra cost
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Reports and data manager tool (optional)
The Reports and data manager tool allows you to report on and analyse customer and sales order data.

This module is complementary to the Sage 200 Excel reporting tool once a Sage 200 web user has been purchased.

  • Extract data quickly with a single click and then slice and dice with pre-defined  filters, allowing you to format, pivot and run deeper analysis
  • Get out-of-the-box workbooks containing multiple worksheets that allow you to present customer and sales order data in charts and tables
  • Use any of the standard Excel features to view and analyse your sales data
  • Customise views with a powerful graphical query builder and tailor your worksheets by adding customer and sales order data quickly and easily
  • Simple to install and configure, with no need for existing knowledge of Sage 200
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Technical details

Technical details of Sage 200 Extra

Compatible with:

Most 32 or 64-bit variants of Microsoft®. Windows, 7, 8.1 & 10 (client installations only), Windows Server 2008 R2 (Pro and enterprise), 2012 and 2012 R2 (Essentials, Standard and Datacenter), Microsoft Office 2013, 2016 and 365.

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