Our communities

We think it's really important to act responsibly and have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. They're full of our colleagues, customers, suppliers and their families who all play a part in our success.


  • Help start-up and small businesses with practical advice and support that helps them grow and strengthens the economy
  • Promote skills and personal development opportunities for everyone in Sage by taking part in community projects
  • Support young people in education to develop essential skills for the future
  • Give our people time off to do volunteer work in their local community

Charitable donations

We support large and small charities and community appeals. Our annual charity extravaganza gets all colleagues involved to raise thousands for the charities they vote for every year.


  • Make cash and 'in-kind' donations
  • Award grants from our Community Foundation funds across the country to provide long lasting support for projects and people in our local communities
  • Provide time, sponsorship and company-wide opportunities to help our people raise funds and contribute to the causes that are important to them

Can we help you?

Community volunteer projects

If you need help refurbishing your community centre, creating a garden or any project that needs people power, please contact us at [email protected]

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