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Our free guide to managing your people & payroll

21 November 2016

People are the most important asset to any business. Invigorate, energise and inspire your employees and your business will prosper. Getting payday right every time for your employees is the first step.

If you manage a business, you know that there’s more than just your day job to keep on top of. Keeping your people happy has to be a priority, after all they are the lifeblood to your businesses success, but you also have payroll to consider. More than just simply paying your employees, having the right payroll software means you can dig deep into data, view employee performance and keep on top of everything from absence to salary review forecasting.

Our small business guide to people and payroll covers everything you need to know from managing you people and using the right payroll software for a winning business, to understanding the fundamental components in developing and growing you company.

Our free guide to people and payroll covers:

  • Developing and sustaining a winning business culture
  • Using staff incentives for business victory
  • Zero hours contracts
  • Why winners invest in payroll software
  • Healthy cashflow: the lifeblood of a winning business
  • Conquering business growth
  • Boosting productivity

Free guide to employing the perfect person

Software to manage your payroll & HR needs

Our Revenue compatible payroll & HR solutions help businesses of all sizes to manage their employees.

  • Payroll solutions for all business sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises
  • Up-to-date with the latest legislation
  • Compatible with Revenue
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