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How close financial management can benefit your customer service

08 July 2015

Do you think the way your company manages accounting and finances has limited or no effect on the customer services you give? Think again...

A lack of integration between back-office and front-office elements can leave your teams without the relevant and necessary information to do their jobs to a high standard. Data efficiency becomes an extremely important aspect of servicing customers; customers expect to speak to someone who, in general terms, “knows what they’re talking about”.

Financial management becomes an extremely important function to improve customer satisfaction levels, in terms of:

  • Access to the right information
  • Customer billing and payment management
  • Process compliance, efficiency and simplicity
  • Managing risks
  • Reporting and decision making

For services companies such as hospitality, transport and financial service suppliers, there is often a specialist customer system such as a booking system or contact desk, which is essential for customer teams to action customer requests. Often, companies then have one or more systems to track back-office activities. It’s extremely important to connect both of these aspects.

A fully integrated accounting system can centralise billing, allowing customer teams to get the correct information as and when they need it. In fact, back-office integration can achieve 97% improvement in customer satisfaction rates year-on-year.

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