PAYE Modernisation 2019

PAYE Modernisation compliant payroll software

03 September 2018

From the 1st January 2019, under PAYE Modernisation every employer will be responsible for submitting their employees tax information at every payroll run. To avoid fines for non-compliance it’s essential you get it right first time and in real time!

By using PAYE Modernisation compliant payroll software, businesses will save time and money by streamlining their payroll processing and avoid any potential penalties.

Review your payroll software now

PAYE Modernisation goes to the heart of a company’s data, systems and processes and advice from Revenue is start preparing now.

Some businesses may need to conduct a full review of their reporting and tracking systems before PAYE Modernisation comes in to force. Others may need to design and implement new policies and procedures to capture information that was not previously required. 

Your payroll software will also need to be reviewed to ensure that it is capable of complying with the new obligations.

Getting ready for PAYE Modernisation

For more than 30 years Sage has provided businesses of all sizes with the information, insight, tools and support they need to succeed.  We’ve also helped 160,000 businesses in the UK comply and succeed with Real Time Information (RTI).

We’re already working with Revenue to ensure our payroll software is PAYE Modernisation ready and can easily cater for the needs, giving you complete peace of mind that your compliant and supported.

Our payroll software is recognised by Revenue and complies with all of the latest payroll legislation.

Get PAYE Modernisation with Sage One Payroll

  • Payroll solutions for all business sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises
  • Up-to-date with the latest legislation
  • Recognised by Revenue
  • Award winning support

However if you manage your payroll, make sure you’re ready! 

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If you're outsourcing your payroll be mindful that submitting PAYE Modernisation is still your responsibility. Ask your provider how they're complying with PAYE Modernisation and if it means any changes for your business.

Managing In-House

Ask your payroll software provider if they're PAYE Modernisation ready. It's essential you make sure you're using software that's legally compliant with the support you need to submit PAYE in real time.

Using Revenue

Revenue aim to provide an online data capture mechanism to allow employers report payments where payroll software is not in use.

Download a free guide to PAYE Modernisation

Our guide is packed with simple, straight-forward advice to help your business be PAYE Modernisation -ready.

Software to manage your payroll & HR needs

Our Revenue compatible payroll & HR solutions help businesses of all sizes to manage their employees.

  • Payroll solutions for all business sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises
  • Up-to-date with the latest legislation
  • Compatible with Revenue
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