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East End Foods partners with Mysoft and Sage ERP X3 to deliver a further 40 year's success

04 March 2014

Business software and service provider Sage today announced that East End Foods is to implement the flagship mid-market ERP solution, Sage ERP X3. The leading UK ethnic food supplier is looking to centralise and improve planning, production and reporting across its manufacturing, distribution and cash and carry businesses. Over 80 percent of Asian independent stores stock East End's range as well as all major UK multiples, including Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and Sainsbury's.

Family-run East End Foods has over 40 years' experience as a leading supplier and innovator in the UK Indian food market, boasting 320 employees and an annual turnover of over £180 million. In order to centralise its business systems to provide total visibility across all operations, they turned to business partner Mysoft, one of the UK's leading suppliers of Sage ERP X3 and advanced e-Commerce and software components that compliment Sage ERP X3.

Previously the business used multiple systems to manage their accounts, operations, sales, and production. Additionally, a separate part of the business - three large 'cash and carries' in Birmingham - had not been able to seamlessly integrate into the wider group.

As the family looks to hand over this thriving business to a new generation, founders the Wouhra brothers realised that it was time to significantly invest in IT infrastructure in order to drive new growth and productivity.

Sage ERP X3 is replacing all these systems and processes with one fully integrated system to manage manufacturing, importing, distribution and sales - in turn enabling management to perform sales analysis as well as more effective planning, forecasting and reporting across the group. The software will act as backbone to the entire business, integrating the Cash and Carries with production, warehousing and accounts at head office. This will provide an accurate picture of how the organisation is performing across all departments at all times.

Roger Wouhra, Purchasing Director of East End Foods explained: "We needed to achieve a single, integrated and dependable view of all departments throughout our businesses, from import and manufacturing to distribution and sales. With full visibility of production, batch and location management, we will be more effective and power further growth. This investment will enable us to monitor consumer trends, continue to innovate, drive new product development and to maintain our position as leader of the ethnic food category."

Wouhra continued,"We looked at various ERP products available to us on the market, and decided that one integrated solution designed specifically for mid-sized businesses with complex needs from a known and trusted supplier was the right choice to simplify a variety of existing software and manual processes - including paper forms back at head office. We needed the power of ERP across all departments, not a partial solution."

Adam Street, Sales Manager, Mysoft, added: "Sage ERP X3 will supply total management forecasting, reporting, analysis and planning to support this complex business. East End Foods will use Sage ERP X3 as it should be used - to the full capabilities of the software across all modules and parts of their business."

"East End Foods is a perfect example of a thriving mid-sized firm finding that as they grow, their management and operational needs change by degrees until one day, they realise they need to take control of their IT in order to support faster growth. Sage ERP X3 runs using Windows' operating system with a choice of database, meaning businesses don't need to make complicated IT changes in order to succeed. As a family-run business, they know that technology and management solutions need to work with people at their heart."

Sage ERP X3 is built with user-centricity at its heart. People are key to mid-market success: the more users a company has, the more information it collects and the more insight it generates. Through empowering it's users to take control and have easy access to information, Sage ERP X3 helps companies to enjoy improved productivity and growth.

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