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Sage launches powerful new BI solution for Sage ERP X3 users

23 July 2014

Following a successful early adopter program and launch at Sage North America, Sage Mid-Market Europe is pleased to announce the availability of Sage Enterprise Intelligence in Europe. This intuitive BI solution integrates with Sage ERP X3 to help business users reduce time spent on analysis and reporting, and make faster, better-informed decisions.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is a simple yet powerful tool that enables users to access and analyse data self-sufficiently, eliminating the need for disparate tools and specialised skills, ultimately helping to reduce time-to-decision.

The tight and secure integration of Sage Enterprise Intelligence with Sage ERP X3 ensures reliability of critical business information, provides business users with coherent insight on real-time enterprise data, supports coherent decision-making and fosters continuous cross-functional improvement.

"Everything we do at Sage is about increasing usability and reducing complexity for our customers, clients and users," said Christophe Letellier, CEO for Sage ERP X3. "Sage Enterprise Intelligence is the embodiment of this philosophy, and promises to completely overhaul the way in which users approach business intelligence. The tool not only offers a streamlined approach to analysis and reporting, it also empowers users to be more self-sufficient and make more informed decisions."

"Sage Enterprise Intelligence will bring a modern, intuitive and powerful BI solution to Sage Mid-Market customers in Europe. After a very successful launch in North America, we look forward to supporting, with Sage, the first Sage SEI customers in Europe." says Greg Brown, president of Tangerine Software.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence enables users to access, filter, group, sort, analyse real-time business data, and create meaningful cross-tab and pivot views by simple drag-and-drop. Users can also create and display dashboard views, drill-down/drill-up through transactional data to explore the data structure, and combine views from Sage ERP X3 as well as from other systems.

The solution is not only powerful but also highly intuitive and user-friendly: Sage Enterprise Intelligence provides a multi-browser web interface and a real-time access from Excel with an optional Excel Add-In. The solution provides dynamic data visualisation and an automatic distribution of reports and analysis.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is delivered as a web enabled solution that is accessible through a web client and most mobile devices. Implementation is fast, and the intuitive user interface makes it easy to learn and use with few days of training.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is launching in Europe with English and French language functionality initially, with further language versions and availabilities for Spain, Germany and Portugal scheduled for later in 2014.

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