Sage Business Cloud Financials Customer Success Stories

“I’ve been in companies where you spend days trying to get information out of the business systems to present at management meetings. With Financials you just run the reports and it’s there in real-time" Patricia McNeela, Head of Operations and Finance, ThinScale

Powerful, Scalable, Flexible

For the first time, small and midsize businesses can access customisable enterprise management features.

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Peer-to-peer lending company

Crowdstacker puts technology at the heart of what it does. Co-founder Mark Bristow explains how his company offers a curated selection of products to businesses.


We know we have avoided the cost of having to change and implement new systems in the future. We don’t have any worries about outgrowing Sage Business Cloud Financials.

ICS Plus

Stephanie Morgan, co-owner of ICS Plus, explains how Sage Business Cloud Financials helps her company make better decisions.


James Foulkes, director and co-founder of Kingpin talks about his experience with Sage Business Cloud Financials and how it allows him to work smarter.

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