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Futureproof your business

Futureproof your businessIn this book, we’ll give fundamental, practical advice on how to “future-ise” your company.
You’ll discover: The five key steps you must take today if you want to live up to everyone’s expectations. How smart technology can help you do this AND accelerate the growth of your business and why time zones are becoming irrelevant in today’s hyper-connected world.

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New world of work

New world of workIn this new world, the cloud, social media, and collaborative tools dramatically impact how you do business and what your customers and employees expect from you.

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Wearable tech

Wearable techWearable tech is the biggest technology innovation in business since the arrival of the smartphone. Many business people are wondering how exactly wearable tech devices like a smartwatch will help them and their team become more productive and efficient.

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Zen of a connected business

Zen of a connected businessSmart sales and accounting professionals use different products and apps every day to share financial and customer information with each other. These apps are key business tools, but as your business grows, having islands of disconnected data will hold the growth of your business back.

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App Overload

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Operational complexity can hamper the most hardworking, talented teams. Having too many procedures and complex systems can severely damage your business’s efficiency and its long-term potential.

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Create a future ready workplace

Future of work The trends shaping the future of work are exciting and inspiring. The always-connected, social-savvy, app-happy, smartphone-dependent, experienced-millennial workforce is here today, and it is driving the future of the workplace.

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